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Channeling Wisdom Son to Mother, Heaven to Earth

Being Home
Come home to me now, come home to your eternal divine ecstasy now. There is nothing more important, fulfilling, valuable,
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Seeing You
Since I have been experiencing this different form, different than what I was experiencing as a physical body a few months
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Everyone Comes Home
Everyone comes home to perfect love, regardless of what they did or didn’t do on the earth plane. We all come
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In the dimension you are existing in, thought doesn’t manifest immediately, however it eventually manifests all that exists in your
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Nothing Dies
From the perspective of a caterpillar his caterpillar friend died and is now gone. However, in reality his caterpillar friend
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New Year Message
“The one most important thing I can share with you all today is that what is aware, that which is
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Christmas Invitation
Today is Christmas day, a day to celebrate the Christ Consciousness that permeates this beloved planet and all humanity. A day
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Eternally One
Beloved Mama, what a beautiful day today, beautiful in so many ways we would never have time to talk about
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To Be Thankful
Today is for family and friends, to share with gratitude those who are here with you sharing this physical life,
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