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New Year Message

“The one most important thing I can share with you all today is that what is aware, that which is listening to these words, that is hearing me now… this is the real, true you, you as a pure extension of Source, pure awakened awareness. This Source, the God of your understanding makes up all things, is omnipresent, immersing all that is, there is nowhere it is not. This Creator Source energy, regardless of what name you give it, or what philosophy or religion you enjoy, is what you are an extension of. Just as a ray of sunlight is to the sun, endowed with all the qualities of the sun, eternally one with the sun, you are a wholly perfect and pure extension of Divine Grace, God, Love, Creator, Universe, Source. What you are is beyond all names, all beliefs and all comprehension. You are eternally one with all humanity, all life and the Creator of all. As a child of Infinite Divine Source, the son/daughter of God, you do not need to earn your worth or your inheritance. Nor can you ever lose your inheritance because it is what you are. As you step into knowing yourself as the living Christ, as an awakened master, you know you are wholly worthy of the total inheritance of the Creator by pure and absolute Grace.”

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