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Being Home

Come home to me now, come home to your eternal divine ecstasy now. There is nothing more important, fulfilling, valuable, or life altering. When you are home in you we are at our closest. Play in the world of illusions or come home to reality and be with me? Playing in the illusion takes on a whole new life of it’s own once you are home in the deepest state of being. I am everything, you are everything… knowing this now is being home.

Seeing You

Since I have been experiencing this different form, different than what I was experiencing as a physical body a few months ago in your time, I have been watching you. I have been watching many of my loved ones and friends. Visiting, watching, loving and helping. I can see in many different ways from the spiritual… Continue Reading

Everyone Comes Home

Everyone comes home to perfect love, regardless of what they did or didn’t do on the earth plane. We all come home to the brilliance that we are. Our brilliant soul is always shining and regardless of what the ray of our sunlight from our soul creates while it dances upon the earth realm manifesting through the form of a temporary body,… Continue Reading


In the dimension you are existing in, thought doesn’t manifest immediately, however it eventually manifests all that exists in your world. Where I am thought is instant because where I am there is only incomprehensible love and beauty. I am home in my natural state, and there is only love here. Not just for me, for… Continue Reading

Nothing Dies

From the perspective of a caterpillar his caterpillar friend died and is now gone. However, in reality his caterpillar friend is a butterfly soaring above him, watching over him and all his friends. Think of me as not dying because nothing dies, everything transforms. Energy, love, soul power cannot die, it only transforms into different… Continue Reading

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