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Enjoy these powerful and encouraging books filled with wisdom and grace by Beloved Grace

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You Are the One

An experience based in the thought system of duality and oneness… who you are not and who you are…


Samadhi Course

Available now online! Regularly $170, if purchased  before Nov. 17, 2020 only $47. You can bask in a three day immersion at home or in a vacation spot, or take the immersion at your own pace. You will earn 30 credit hours toward becoming an Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS)

The Stained Glass Window

When you awaken to the awareness that has always been with you… that has always been what you are, you trust in that Self. You fall in love with that self…

A Love Affair with a Billionaire

Inspired by a true story… Ananda was a single mother struggling to raise her children by herself. Life had seemed more about survival and fear…

A New Story of Creation

A New Thought Model of Illusion and Reality. You may have heard the story of creation in the Bible…

Grace Diaries – Everything is Grace

Every instant is an opportunity to be the Grace that is always, already available within you, within all beings…

I Ask Only One Thing

If there was one thing that was the most fundamental core of necessity for you to live the most exhilarating, happy…

This is the Shortcut

I am wholly, deeply and intimately immersed in, surrendered and connected to, and wholly devotedly in love with the aliveness…

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