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John, The Beloved

Spirit of Truth

"A Global Movement for a Peaceful, Thriving and Free World for All."

John James Delaney III

Global Leader

President DECA

Master’s in Finance

Minors in Math & Philosophy

President Young American’s for Liberty

International Golden Key Honor Society

Founder One World CommUnity/Humanity

John, The Beloved, Spirit of Truth

1991-2017- Forever

Transitioned on July 24th, 2017 at 10 pm from an accidental overdose

“The eternal survival of the human species or something better” 

“All human beings are my people, we are one human family, all equally loved by the Universe.”

“Maximizing Happiness For All People”

“Just Love, Life’s a Dream”

“When I die, I will leave all my love and all my energy with all humanity and all of nature”

Peace, Abundance, Freedom, Nature

John has been serving humanity since he was a small boy. He served at local food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. He also traveled with his sister and mother to help poor communities abroad, he was active in fundraising for needy causes. John led protests, march’s and gathered signatures to help solve and bring awareness to major global issues including human trafficking, economic war, poverty, and human rights issues.

John with his heart of gold, began bringing homeless youth into his home in middle school and continued all throughout his school years and continued to the day he transitioned. John was passionate about the eternal survival of the human species or something greater and maximizing happiness for all humans.

John was president of Young Americans for Liberty for 6 yeas at Utah State University and University of Utah. John was recognized in Washington DC at a YAL convention as an exemplary emerging global leader. He actively led protests and march’s… he was passionate about freeing all people from all types of discrimination, bondage, inequality, injustice and limitation of human rights. John had the Declaration of Independence memorized since he was 15 years old. In high school John was the president of DECA, he sang in choir, played on the Varsity football and baseball teams, and was captain of the varsity wrestling team. John is CFO of One World Humanity and One World Studio, and he founded One World Community.

John received his Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Utah in 2017 on the International Golden Key Honor Society. His undergraduate was in Economics and he earned minor degrees in Philosophy and Math.

It was John’s dream to end war, poverty and slavery and return the planet and the human race to health and balance with nature. He was driven and passionate to end all economic wars and transform all the impoverished communities on the planet into thriving and sustainable economies. His catch phrase was “Let’s Bring Shovels.”

John’s cousin said it best in John’s celebration of life services, “It takes you three times longer to get through the city with Johnny, he stops to hug and talk to every beggar, gives them money, treats them like a best friend.”  Daniel Hogan.

The Light of the World… Committed to the survival & evolution of the human species, an evolutionary human race rooted deeply in Unity, Truth, Freedom, Respect, Equality, Celebration and most of all LOVE.

John James Delaney lived an exemplary life… a genius at 5, Master at 25, his birth chart destines him to be a global leader on the level of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates. Most of all, John is a Humanitarian. His passion for a thriving Humanity, his life long service & activist work locally, nationally and internationally is extraordinary… he traveled to foreign countries to help poor communities, he led protests and marches, he never passed a beggar without hugging them and giving them some money. While on the board of Directors of One World Humanity, 501 C 3 non profit organization. John volunteered countless hours helping with causes including human trafficking, local and global poverty, human and animal rights, sustainable earth, indigenous cultures, youth and orphanages. He and his mother Grace created Hero’s for Humanity Funds, random acts of Kindness and One World Global Events, celebrating Peace, Abundance, Freedom and Nature! As president of the Young Americans for Liberty for six years at both Utah State University and the University of Utah, he was invited to Washington DC all expenses paid to be a representative of the finest Young American for Liberty presidents and recognized by Ron Paul as an emerging global leader. Many have claimed John to be not just a genius and Master but a servant who has come to this planet to help unify humanity for the eternal survival of the human species ending war, poverty and slavery on this planet. Below is a direct quote from John on the radio in June 2017 one month before he transitioned.

“The real question is, what is it that we are going to come together on?”

“I’m going to tell the world what it is that I think we should come together on. I think that there is only one thing that truly matters, everything is subsidiary to this, what Kant would call a categorical imperative and that is…”

“The eternal survival of the human species or something better.”

“Ending War, Sure, World Peace, Absolutely”

John James Delaney III, June 2017

One World Studio is a Humanitarian movement John and his mother began creating before his passing, and are continuing to create together to this day, with the support of many powerful and gifted souls.

John’s Life Story

John is a rare expression of wide-open, unstoppable love for all people, regardless of race, nationality, religious, political, environmental or sexual preference. John stands for Humanity and the survival and evolution of the human species. He believes deeply that all humans are equal and all beings have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness as he has had the declaration of Independence memorized since the age of 15. He believes self interest is a virtue… he is a great humanitarian serving the poor and under privileged his entire life. What many call the greatest expression of unconditional, wide-open unstoppable love for all beings this planet has ever seen. Also, believed by many to be the reincarnation of a fully awakened Master/Avatar.
“From my experience of John in this life and now, I believe with every fiber of my being that he is a reincarnated Avatar/Master”
“John is the most intense expression of love I have ever seen, and I have sat with and known many Monks, I lived in Yogananda’s ashram for years, and met many awakened beings, saints and sage and John is by far the greatest expression of love I have ever witnessed on this earth.”  
 Cliff Averre

John, The Beloved

Spirit of Truth

Brother to All

Born… Global Leader, at the moment of his birth the stars and planets were aligned in a way that destined him to be a Global Leader on the level of Christ, Gandhi, Socrates.
15 minutes old… a Phenomenon... crawled out of his incubator moments after his birth.
5 years old… Genius, tested as a high level genius IQ at 5 years old
10 years old… MVP, Most Valuable Player in University of Utah football camp
15 years old… Most popular kid award in his middle school.
17 years old… Drug Addict, spent 6 months in a drug rehab
19 years old… Criminal, spent 10 days in jail
20 years old… Liberator, 20 years old… Liberator, President of Young Americans for Liberty; organized and led protests and marches
21 years old… Humanitarian, 2016 awarded “Humanitarian of the Year” by One World Humanity for life long dedicated volunteer & service work.
23 years old… Teacher, Math, Economics & Philosophy tutor and teacher, Bachelor’s degree in Economics, minors in Philosophy and Math. International Golden Key Honor Society.
25 years old… Master and Prophet, earned a Master’s Degree in Finance, from the University of Utah, member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.
Exactly one week before his passing he described his Celebration of Life in detail along with many other prophecies both alive and since he has passed.
Eternity… The Light of the World, the greatest expression of unconditional, wide-open, unstoppable love this planet has ever seen.

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