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"A Global Movement for a Peaceful, Thriving and Free World for All."


Grace’s Studio

Surrendering into Grace…
Liberating the One Heart of Humanity

Mission: That all beings are free, healthy and living their highest truth and destiny. To channel messages of healing, hope and inspiration for all humanity, messages from her son John James Delaney III 1997 to Forever.

About: Grace is a global leader, author, speaker, healer and life coach. She is the founder and director of Center for Awakening, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the one heart of humanity since 1997. Grace is committed to forward her son John James Delaney III, The Modern Day Humanitarian’s work for all humanity. She channels John and his profound messages of Love, Inspiration and Grace. She is the fonder of One World Events that her and her son John created together… global events that unify the one heart of humanity for the purposes of sustaining and evolving the Human species.

Grace Channel Radio
Evolutionary Conversations for an Evolutionary Human Family

Grace’s Library
Awakening Inner Intelligence

Grace On Fire TV
Setting Our Hearts on Fire

One World Music & Yoga Festivals… Join the Peaceful rEvolution… All Are Welcome Who Come in Peace

One World LIbrary…

Festival: INNOVATION… All Disciplines Honored


December 11- 13

Dominical Costa Rica

Hero’s for Humanity: Education

Calendar: Educational & Events, Courses, Trainings, Expo’s and Conventions   

Directory: Book Stores and Educational Organizations (Schools, Colleges, trainings, courses, certifications, books

One World Radio…

Festival: PERSEIDS… Celebration of the Arts & Self Expression

Ceremony: EMERGENCE… Rebirth of Sacred Self.

August 11-13

Lava Hot Springs, USA

Hero’s for Humanity: Youth, Orphanages & Schools

Calendar: All Arts & Entertainment, Music, Story telling, Drama, Movies & Creative Expression

Directory: Art Galleries, Music Studios, Playhouses, Amplitheatre, Artists, Actors, Musician’s,  poets, storytellers, fi

One World News…

Festival: LIBERTY, LIBERTY Slams… Activist, Political & Community events


Sept 10 John’s Birthday!

Salt Lake City 2017

Hero’s for Humanity: Freedom, Human & Animal Rights

Calendar: Petitions, Activist Events, Protests, Marches, Political, Rights

Directory: Community, Activism, Political & Freedom

One World Store…

Festival: EARTH… Anniversary of One World

Ceremony: Only One Earth

May 5


Hero’s For Humanity: Environmental Causes

Calendar: Sales and Specials for Commerce

Directory: Online Commerce & all general goods

One World Studio…

Festival: SOLSTICE… Yoga & New Thought

Ceremony: Sun & Moon

June 21

Brighton Ski Resort, USA

Hero’s for Humanity; Medical, Addiction, Mental Illness Causes

Calendar: Yoga, Kirtan, New Thought & Wellness Festivals & Events

Directory: New Thought and Wellness Organizations & Studio’s, Traditional & Non Traditional Heath

One World TV…

Festival: THRIVE… Halloween Bash

Ceremony: Connecting with the Living

Mid October

Boston, USA

Hero’s for Humanity; Poverty Causes

Calendar: Fundraisers, Cause’s and Non Profit events & Global Halloween Party directory.

Directory: Non profit organizations, Humanitarian Cause’s


Festival: CELEBRATION… A Planetary Party

Ceremony: Creating Your Wildest Dreams

January 1, New Year’s Day

Asia or Australia

Hero’s for Humanity; Wish’s & Dreams

Calendar: Parties and Celebrations of all kinds… A last minute meet up with your mom for a cup of tea or post Formal Events & Global Holiday”s (Weddings, Baptisms, baby showers, Black Tie, Receptions, Speech performances, etc. )

Directory: All general Service’s

One World Library

Festival: INNOVATION… All Disciplines Honored

People of all disciplines come together during the peak meteor showers on a pristine beach in Dominical, Costa Rica. A Yuppi/Hippi Eutopia with mountains off the coast that are awe inspiring. We come together for panel discussions, group collaborations, meetings, and vendors, music, art, & dance to make a difference, to find some answers to major global problems.  Camping is free on the beach, and several hotels ranging from fancy and expensive to hostel share a bathroom. The event is free, you must be self-staining, leave no trace, bring a pot luck dish to share for all meals you attend. All who attend must sign a release/waiver.

One World Radio…

Festival: PERSEIDS… Celebration of the Arts & Self Expression

This is the arts celebration… all forms of art are invited, music, dance, songwriting, puppets, pottery, dress up, hoola hoops, games, all while sitting together under the Universe’s peak explosion of shooting stars. Soak in the springs, float down the river, enjoy a pizza. The event is free, you must be self staining, leave no trace, bring a pot luck dish to share for all meals you attend. All who attend must sign a release/waiver.

Ceremony: EMERGENCE… Rebirth of Sacred Self. Giving up that which no longer serves, bringing In deeper & deeper Wisdom and Grace. Leaving the ceremony deeply connected to your innocence and inner child, before you were conditioned.

This is a wild thing party in the astounding ways we can express our creativity and true self when conditions are lifted.

One World News…

Festival: LIBERTY, LIBERTY Slams… Activist, Political & Community events

Coming together as one human family to Claim our Voices and Speak our Truths. This event date never changes, however the location will change from year to year. Perform or just be entertained by LIBERTY Slams that will be performed by people all over the world. A LIBERTY Slam is an opportunity to express any political, environmental, social, religious, community, or human planetary issue or concern in an individual expressive way. Through art, dance, acting, music, rap, pantomime, poetry, writing, or any form of self expression that is peaceful, can be displayed on stage, video taped for youtube, and 8 or less minutes in duration. You will need to sign up online for a time slot.

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