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EVOLVE, celebrating Love, Costa Rica, Dec 11-13

UNIFY, Celebrating Oneness, Salt Lake City USA, January 1

PEACE… Celebrating Grace, India, March

EARTH… Celebrating Gaia, Europe, May 5

SOLSTICE… Celebrating Ecstatic Life, Brighton USA, June 21

PERSEIDS… Celebrating Creativity, Duchesne, UT, Aug 11-13

LIBERTY… Celebrating Freedom, Varies, September 10

THRIVE… Celebrating Abundance, Boston, USA, Mid October

If you are ready to volunteer for one of our teams or want to learn more, simply fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon!

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form

Complete the form to get your volunteer information.

Please tell us who introduced you to One World Humanity. Mark N/A if not applicable.
Select the teams you would like more information on.
For specific questions on volunteerism, place your question and/or comment above.

We welcome support in the following areas or just as needed:

  • Event Team:  Be with the team during the event, with all the excitement, right out there on the front lines, rubbing elbows, meeting the people, working with other volunteers on a team, making new friends, serving humanity in a deeply fulfilling way. The Event team consists of the greeters, ushers, registration, food, raffle, parking, event support.
  • PromoTeam: Do you like to go out and meet people, explore new places, people and business’s and promote for a good cause? This is the position for you. You will love the promo team because everyone is on the promo team…helping us acquire partners, sponsors, sharing the word, helping with marketing materials, putting up posters & flyers
  • Social Media Team: Are you a social media King or Queen? Do you love flitting around the internet meeting new people and joining new groups and making new friends? We need you to help us promote our event on meet up, facebook, IG, twitter, etc.
  • Vendor Support: This is a sales team of outgoing people who work together to acquire vendors and sponsors for the event. This is a 100% sales position, we offer a 20% commission on all sponsorship and vendor sales. You must be self-motivated, ambitious, outgoing, courageous, friendly, personable, and enjoy making money. Those on the Vendor/Sponsor sales team work together for everyone’s win and the success of the event.
  • Tech Team: We LOVE our techies, and we NEED our techies! We can always use an abundance of help with tech during any event. Please come help us, you are our hero’s. Techies help with concert needs, amplification, stage, sound, electrical needs, microphones, marketing materials, website, radio, youtube, video, audio, online auctions, live Stream, video & audio recording.
  • Admin Team: Nothing can happen without the massive amount of admin work necessary for any event. This is a behind the scenes, foundation to the whole event. Without the admin angels the whole event would come toppling down. We try to keep up to date with technology for all our event needs… email communications, advertising, phone support, newsletter, data entry, website, printing, marketing materials, online registration.
  • Hero’s for Humanity Team: Help us create a thousand acts of kindness in every event. We display all our Hero Funds at all our events. We need help with all aspects of the Hero’s for Humanity displays and booths. Have you always wanted to be a part of a humanitarian visit to an orphanage, poor community, undeveloped school? That is what we love to do the most. We go to the people in need and bring the goods, services, love and heartfelt support.
  • SatelLIGHT Team: global outreach team. We would like to reach out to humans all over the planet who are aligned with our organization and our causes. We would like more area representatives in more countries. This team would reach out to other people, leaders, and organizations around the globe, inviting them to join our cause, tune into our live streamed events, visit our website, join our social media.
We welcome support in the following VILLAGES:
  1. CELEBRATION PERSEIDS Village: Creative Arts, Music, Dance… the Party village. Go completely wild, let your artist, child, and wild person out and create a party like none other. Always different at every event. Hero’s for Humanity Celebration causes for dreams, goals, intentions, education, training, contest. Hero’s for Humanity Perseids causes are for youth, orphanages, schools. This is the party village! Where all the music, dance, creative expressions, and food are happening. If you’d like to be where the party’s at, join this team. One World Events and The Grace Channel will be highlighted in this village.
  2. EARTH Village: Only One Earth. Hero’s for Humanity causes for the environment, a healthy and sustainable planet. Solar, Agriculture, Permaculture, Air, Water, Earth, and Organic Beings Protectors. Humane Practice, Organic. If you are in love with this planet, if you have a deep honoring of Mother Earth and nature. If you are passionate about healing and sustaining this planet so it is thriving, healthy, abundant, and peaceful, join this team. One World Market Place will be highlighted in this village.
  3. SOLSTICE Village: Yoga and Wellness Village. Hero’s for Humanity causes for medical,Create a healing sanctuary with vendors of all modalities, create a healing circle event in your village, some yoga classes, maybe a crystal healing class. Every village is a new creation every year. What type of miracles can you create on this team? One World Studio will be highlighted in this village.
  4. LIBERTY & INNOVATION Village: One World Slams… peaceful performance demonstrations. An Invitation to all disciplines to join our discussions on how to solve global issues engaging in mature, honest, peaceful, and cooperative discussions and conversations. One World News and One World Library will be highlighted in this village.
  5. THRIVE, our New Thought, come as you are village. Hero’s for Humanity funds are for poverty & homelessness, holiday assistance, a planet that thrives rather than survives. This festival is calling all New Thought modalities, courses, paths… all cutting edge healing, spiritual, and evolutionary products and services. Thrive also celebrates Halloween with our Halloween Bash, so this village can be anything… be creative, dress up as wild or conservative as you wish… nothing less than a bathing suit. Grace On Fire will be highlighted in this village. 

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