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Christmas Invitation

Today is Christmas day, a day to celebrate the Christ Consciousness that permeates this beloved planet and all humanity. A day to celebrate the pure loving Presence that lives, animates, and dwells within all things always, everywhere. To celebrate the divine spark that is the fundamental creative force within all life, humanity, animals, plants, rocks… all that exists on this sacred home we call Earth. Christ’s Love and Light immerses, creates, makes up and lives wholly within all of Gaia, Mother Earth. Our sacred hearts are the access to this Christ Love. How open can your heart expand? How intensely can you allow Christ’s Love to radiate through you?  When I was a physical man I was a profound expression of intense wide open, unstoppable love manifested through a human being… a real human man with real struggles and success’s, yet embodying unbounded, intense Christ-like love. Christ Consciousness and love are manifesting through masses of human beings during this time of year and this time in history. The global awakening to our hearts, Christ’s heart and the hearts of our brothers and sisters is now. Christ lives in your heart and the hearts of all. I invite you to give your sacred heart some attention on this holy day. As you do, you will be one with me and the Living Christ within you. 


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