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Monthly Archives: November 2017

To Be Thankful

Today is for family and friends, to share with gratitude those who are here with you sharing this physical life, and to remember those loved ones that have blessed our lives. We never know how long we will have anyone, so love, forgiveness and gratitude are our greatest wealth and allow us to live our lives fully. Today is an opportunity to be grateful for having the great privilege of being a living, breathing human being, experiencing the good times and the bad times, the joy and the grief… the miraculous gift of life on this magical planet.

It Is Here

Mama’s the real world is there as much as it is here, the inexplicable ecstasy is as much available there in your physical world as it is here in the realm of pure awareness without a physical body. There is nowhere in the entire universe where this divine principle, the light of God is not… Continue Reading

What Animal Are You?

Good Afternoon, after noon is a wonderful time of day, however, every time of day is quite sublime and they all have their own magic for every creature who is willing to witness and enjoy. In the afternoon and early evening is when many animals come out to eat. There are times of day that… Continue Reading

To Connor

One of the many fascinating things I am exploring are soul connections…  soul family and soul community connections deepen and create who we are over eons of times and lifetime chapters of our universal explorations of creation. What I am finding is the love that is created when souls bond through great love is more powerful than… Continue Reading

Pure Life

People often imagine that it is vastly different here in the afterlife than in physical life, and that is both true and untrue. It is true because you return home to the natural pure awareness of your infinite being when you are released from the body. It is untrue because you can return home to the… Continue Reading

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