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Channeling Wisdom Son to Mother, Heaven to Earth

It Is Here
Mama’s the real world is there as much as it is here, the inexplicable ecstasy is as much available there
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What Animal Are You?
Good Afternoon, after noon is a wonderful time of day, however, every time of day is quite sublime and they
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To Connor
One of the many fascinating things I am exploring are soul connections…  soul family and soul community connections deepen and create who
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Pure Life
People often imagine that it is vastly different here in the afterlife than in physical life, and that is both
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Life After Life
Sometimes people believe that everyone they see in the physical is alive, and those they don’t see are not. Imagine for a moment
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Life is Intensely Now!
“Mama’s, life is a miracle beyond measure and comprehension, and that miracle is happening right here, right now, ALWAYS. It
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The Greatest Journey
There is so much to conquer in the Universe, so many experiences to experience, however the greatest experience you can
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Human Harmony
Mama’s, in a perfect world there would be no suffering. However, what is perfect? In a perfect world there can be challenge,
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Are You Here Now?
Mama’s, love always wants to be close to love, regardless of the dimension we exist in we always want to be
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