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What Are We?

Q: What Are We John?

A: Mama’s that is a very great question with a lifetime to answer because we are all eternal, ever-expanding expressions of divine substance. We are all constantly expanding energy, consciousness and Grace, always deepening, always learning, growing the infinity of our being. With that said, we are far, far, far more than one small physical body or one lifetime. Yes, we can express through a physical body… human, animal, plant or otherwise. We are life and all life requires life to express through it in order for it to be alive. We are eternal life expressing through all things at all times because all life comes from the one life, the absolute source of all life. From that absolute source of all life, that indescribable, incomprehensible love comes an individualized, incomprehensible soul power, the expanded you. This soul power can live many, many lives and be in many places simultaneously. All infinite yet individualized life force energies or expanded Selves extends from the One. The expanded Self or non-physical individualized life force energy can experience… it wants to experience, it wants to expand, it is it’s very nature to expand. Each person comes from an eternal yet individualized life force energy that lives within and beyond the physical dimension, nothing is separate. The physical dimension is not separate from the non physical dimension, it is included within it. The mind can blind us to the spiritual realms, but that doesn’t mean they are not very present right here, right now. All life is as one, nothing is separate from the Oneness of all life and all life is one with the Absolute Oneness, it’s pure grace immerses all things at all times and for all eternity.

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