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Life After Life

Sometimes people believe that everyone they see in the physical is alive, and those they don’t see are not. Imagine for a moment if you were in a house and only those people in the house that you could see or hear you believed were alive, however anyone who was not in the house, or left the house were dead and gone. That is kinda how it is. Life is everywhere, vast and infinite and nothing ever dies, nothing in the universe can be lost. All energy, all that is, never ceases to exist. Yes it can be very painful when someone leaves the house, however, know with all your heart and soul that they are on an adventure they chose. They needed more space than four walls, they needed to roam to unchartered territories and they are very happy in their new life adventures. Most of all, they are with you always and although they are not with you in the physical they are with you in more ways than you can imagine.

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