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Are You Here Now?

Mama’s, love always wants to be close to love, regardless of the dimension we exist in we always want to be with those we love, love has no bounds. Love conquors all and has no obstacles. Loved ones being together doesn’t change when we transition from the physical dimension to the spiritual. Actually, we love even deeper, and we desire even deeper to be close to those we love. So yes, because of my deep and abiding love for you I am always with you. I am having fun appearing in many forms and many ways… pennies on the ground, dragonfly’s, body sensations, a flicker of a light, a gust of wind, a song on the radio, a smile from a stranger, a whisper in your ears, a touch on your shoulder. There are too many ways to count. I am with you more so than I could ever have been in the physical, and I am with you in a way that I can be of more assistance to you and all of humanity. I am always here for you, always close… I am in your heart and I am in your soul. I am with you in more ways than you can imagine. I am sitting next to you now. I love you with all my heart and soul infinite with infinite leaves, always and forever, unconditionally.

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