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OWH Projects

Below is a list of the various projects and fundraising events One World Humanity has done throughout the years. We would love for you to get involved as you desire. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or partnering with us on one of our projects.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Homeless Youth Dinners… every first Friday of each month, 888 S. 400 W. at 5pm
  • Food Bank… bring your donations to the Sugarhouse Garden Center every Sunday morning.

2016 Humanitarian Projects:


  • Go Fund Me For Aleena: This beautiful little girl Aleena is 8 year old. In this picture she is happy and healthy. Unfortunately, she is now very sick. She was recently diagnosed with a disease called Schjnlein Purpura which makes capillaries burst all over the skin, causing swelling and is extremely painful. Here is the link if you would like to donate:
  • Jean Jensen Fundraiser: Thank you to all those who participated in the fundraiser for Jean Jensen. Jean who has been teaching children for 18 years suffered a stroke in October and was hospitalized for three months is finally home and getting better and better at walking everyday. The $2,800 raised to help Jean will help her with her astounding medical bills and all the usual bills (mortgage, car payments etc. etc. etc.) while she has been unemployed. Your generous contributions has made a HUGE difference in Jean’s life, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


  • Buffalo Blessings: We will raise money for the amazing charitable organization Buffalo Blessings who help bring much needed food, clothing , medical supplies to the Hopi and Navajo Indian reservations. We will fund raise June, July and August with Grace On Fire interviews and our annual camp out. Many people live like third world countries… on dirt floors with no running water or electricity. They have no access to healthy food and are forced to eat cheap low quality food. We are organizing a group of people to take the trip to the reservation with Grace and Bob on October 22-24 2016. All are welcome.

Extreme Poverty

  • Extreme Poverty… Choice Humanitarian: We will have our Summer Event up at Crystal Hot Springs again this year and have a gift certificate raffle and corned beef and cabbage pot luck. We will raise money for Choice Humanitarian organization who helps extreme poverty world wide.

Women’s Causes

  • West Jordan Women’s Shelter: Red Tent Goddess Event… Homeless women with children need a hand up. Let’s all gather for our annual Goddess Celebration and raise money for these woman and children who are having a challenging time dealing with homelessness. We are always looking for volunteers for our homeless Dinners every first Friday of the month.

Holiday Projects

  • Giving Tree: We will help five families and 20 children this holiday season. We will have a Giving Tree for our annual Halloween Party and hold a raffle. With the raffle we will provide a holiday dinner for each of the families. The Giving Tree will have all the children and we will invite everyone to sponsor a child by purchase them a toy and outfit.

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